Olympus Finland approached us with a need to localise the marketing material for the launch of their new premium camera, the beautiful PEN-F.

The brief revolved around the ideas of a “Modern Classic” and the tagline “This Beauty is a Beast” provided by Olympus Europe.

We took these primary ideas and refined them into a well received photo set with Arman Alizad where the new camera seamlessly blended in with design classics destined to become the premium choice for the discerning consumer.


When Olympus Nordic needed a natural way of broadening the scope of customers for their top of the line weather proofed OM-D line, the #BLCKSNDSxOlympus project was born.
Olympus had the perfect mobile photographers adventure camera, but the audience who wanted those features didn’t even know of it’s existence.

Together with Olympus Nordic we decided a plan to take eight of the most talented mobile photographers in the Nordic and to unleash them with the perfect mobile photographers toolkit into the mesmerising landscape of Iceland.

We strategically chose eight photographers and Instagrammers that were either using bulky DSLR equipment or just mobile phones for their photography to get as many convert stories as possible.

Within 5 weeks we had gone from concept to end of campaign where KAUAS handled all concepts, production, casting and line production in Iceland along with media engagement and social media strategy.

The results speak for themselves as the #BLCKSNDS project received the honor of being chosen the most successful marketing campaign for Olympus in Europe.

The six day main campaign received over 1 million likes on Instagram, 14 000 comments, 10 000 unique visitors on the site and an average growth of over 22% for each participating local Olympus Instagram account.

On top of this, Olympus gained four new ambassadors from the group that have given them results that have far outlived the original campaign.

Since the first campaign, we conducted a second competition based campaign called #TakeMeToTheBLCKSNDS where we took three lucky winners to Iceland to retrace the epic adventure of the first trip. The campaign received almost 1000 participations in the Nordics, and garnered a following just as epic as it’s bigger brother.

The #BLCKSNDS project is still considered one of the most successful Instagram campaigns of all time in the Nordics and is a testament to the power of being able to react fast to trends with a good concept and an agile team.


After the success of the #BLCKSNDS campaigns, Olympus decided to use the same concept to produce material to highlight their E-M5 mk2 camera as a travel camera for both cinematographers and photographers.

#KISSMYSWISS & #SWISSMYOLYMPUS was a Switzerland based production where we highlighted the video capabilities of their cameras with two Filmmakers and two photographers who highlighted it as a travel camera.

Through our four day journey in Switzerland, Olympus gained the marketing material needed to show their video capabilities and a photography set that set it up as a great choice for the traveling photographer.


When Olympus launched their new E-M10 mk2 camera, it was a no brainer to also use Instagram to gain traction for it there.

With our #OLYMPUSxTuscany tour we were given the task of finding suitable photographers from the company central and southern markets and to fill Instagram once more with proof that Olympus indeed is the choice for the mobile photographer.