Holiday with Oura

To give an idea to people how it is to live with an Oura ring, our client wanted to do a lifestyle video to boost their Kickstarter campaign.

Due to being mid-campaign, the production had a deadline from brief to delivery in 15 days.

We specialise in providing fast services with an agile team, and only some days after the brief, we already had a team on the ground in Norway about to commence production on both video and photography.

The results are another good example of being able to react quickly to our clients needs, something that we take huge pride in.


With Oura, our challenge was to package onto Kickstarter the story and benefits of a revolutionary, yet technologically complex wearable ring.

We are supremely happy to have been able to take such a complex concept and package it into something that was fully understandable to the common consumer, in part leading to the great success of their Kickstarter campaign.

KAUAS handled all concepts, planning and production of photography and video content. Coupled with a fantastic product, our client achieved a very successful Kickstarter campaign.

On top of Kickstarter content, KAUAS provided all product and brand content for their site and sales campaign.