Our services for startups and new companies stretch beyond mere marketing content to an all-encompassing one-stop shop for all marketing needs. This may be as simple as a crowdfunding campaign or as extensive as a total brand build beginning with names, logos, slogans and visual identity.

The truth is, an appealingly branded subpar competitive product will outsell your appallingly branded world-changing produc. A good product is not enough; people need to know about it and to want to know about it.

But why not just do it yourself? Frankly, because you should be busy creating the best product you can, not fixing a link on your website, fiddling with typefaces, planning your social media content release schedule or sound mixing your crowdfunding campaign video. Over the past years of working closely with startups large and small, we feel that we’ve grown to understand your needs in a way that is unique to Finland’s marketing industry.

But why not use any larger agency? Firstly, because to us, you’re a big deal. The marketing budgets of most startups cannot compete for the urgency, dedication and commitment of larger organisations. As a smaller agency, we are invested in growing with our smaller clients, and the success of our collaboration can be directly measured in your success.

Secondly, as so many of our startup clients have said: “it’s nice to work with a smaller, more agile agency that can make exciting things happen quickly”. We know that things can move very quickly, often last-minute and late-night in the world of startups, and we’ve positioned ourselves to meet those demands with excellence.

Regardless of the stage of your startup or new business, don’t be afraid to contact us for more info on how we could be of use to you specifically. or 040 518 6653