Wilfa’s pre-existing partnership with Eva Wahlström gave us the opportunity to feature her in this TV and web commercial. Aiming to steer clear of cliché, we chose instead to blend the soundscape of her training with the visuals of her coffee moment.


The Raw Fuel spot, shot in conjunction with the Svart series commercial, parallels Eva and the blender destroying fruits and vegetables into a delicious smoothie. We controlled production from concept to delivery, proceeding from little than the brief: “Eva and the blender”.


The Juicemaster commercial again featured Eva Wahlström. This time, the challenge was to demonstrate that Wilfa’s unique design and powerful mill is able to deal with even the toughest vegetables.


We’ve worked extensively with Wilfa to grow their Instagram following in Finland and across the Nordics. For this we first employed the services of successful cook book author Vanelja. After a fruitful first run, we began production on another long series of photo content together with food stylist Annika Rantala.