Are you passionate about photography? A great listener?
A learner and discoverer? Meme worthy? Well then read on…


Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our Youtube crew. We’re super stoked that you are here and interested in collaborating with us!
Below you will find the information needed to make a decision whether this is for you, and the steps necessary to apply.

Good luck!

We are KAUAS CREATIVE, a creative agency based out of Helsinki Finland. We create marketing solutions and visual magic for clients ranging from small startups to giants like Porsche.

We take pride in always placing people before product and going the extra mile to make sure our clients goals are exceeded both in quality and service.

A pilot stage effort to create a European/Global Youtube channel for a major camera manufacturer.
The channel would consist of multiple different video formats, but the main HERO content would be a seasonal series revolving around two people discovering photography and it’s wonders.

The main idea of the show is to follow two people with equal passion for photography, embark on an adventure to learn photography through deconstructing pictures they love with the photographers that took them.
It is as much about gaining appreciation for the art and discovery of beauty and truth, as it is about letting the viewers learn about photography and technique through our two hosts.

We want our viewers to be left with a sense of wonder, a more deepened passion and appreciation for the art and craft of photography, as well as a feeling of the camera manufacturer being an enabler and caretaker of this art and passion.

The show would be split into two tracks, each hosted by one person. Let’s call them WILD & STYLE for now.

  • WILD
    The WILD track would be catering to more professional photographers such as, documentary, wildlife, adventure, digital art photographers and filmmakers. These episodes could feature things such as how a shot of a certain beautiful animal was captured, how someone light-painted an incredible ice-cave or how someone constructs surreal digital landscapes. You get the picture.
    The other track would follow fashion, beauty, portrait photography, street photography and pop-culture and how iconic and ground breaking photography there is created. Our viewers would get exclusive behind the scenes access to the minds and techniques of some of the best in the industry, whilst getting inspired by the beauty of the culture surrounding it.

Supporting content created during this would focus on specific camera techniques, settings, and Q&A material that would further build upon the HERO content of the main show.

70% of the supporting content would be created during the filming of the main shows with minor filming needed later for Q&A and other similar content that addresses questions the main show does not.

The camera manufacturer is an enabler of our hosts discovery of photography. They allow the viewers to partake, through our hosts, in the joy of discovery, learning, and beauty of photography.

When positioned as the enabler, they becomes the viewers partner in their drive to creating beautiful imagery, giving the viewer the intellectual tools and inspiration to go create beautiful images.

We are looking for people or a couple to fill the spots of our two hosts.

If you have read this far, you’ll know by now that we are looking for energetic, passionate people whose enthusiasm is contagious to the viewers.

Your skill with a camera is secondary to your enthusiasm about photography and your ability to have great conversations with people and a camera pointed at you.


Make a video of you talking at the camera:
1. Who are you?
2. Which track are you applying for?  WILD, STYLE OR COUPLE.
3. Tell us what you love, what photography and beauty you are passionate about. Why does it matter?
4. Tell us a story about your most memorable photographic experience and why it was important to you.
5. Why do you want to be a part of this? What good do you think you could bring people?
6. Give us something to laugh at or be amazed about 🙂

Don’t stress about the technical things, just make this yours.

Deadline for all submissions is 28.8.2017

Send a link to the video along with your contact details to casting@kauas.fi

Title your email with your name, and what you are appying for. Either WILD, STYLE, OR COUPLE

Good luck!